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Woman calls and said we sent her the wrong size-we sent a 32C she said she ordered a 32G (all done online). So I look up her order and the item she ordered and tell her (nicely) that the item she ordered isn’t made in a G. So she starts to argue with me (still complaining we sent the wrong size). I told her that unfortunately, she is responsible to get it back to us as the error was not ours. She said “I don’t care..even if the mistake was mine you’re supposed to do whatever you can to keep me happy and keep my business.”… I said ” Um no, the error was yours and we are not responsible for the error you made.” She then called me a “piss-poor excuse for customer service” I said “thank you and have a good day” and hung up on her. I got her return last night and this is what is said:

Hi I’m a customer and I bought this here bra like four months ago. I’ve worn it every day and washed it in the machine and now it’s broken and I think you should replace it for me.

Sure customer!!!! In four months please call us back one that one is black and broken so we can replace that one for you too! Is there anything else I can get you? Would you like free express shipping on your replacement for the inconvenience of one bra not withstanding 120+ days of straight wear!? Or maybe I can drive it to your house myself-or I could walk….

Or you could JUST SHUT UP?

  • Stop being a F$cking Idiot!
  • So we send this lady an email confirmation after she submits an online order. In the email it lists her item and next to the item it says “back ordered until 8/25”. She then forwards me this email with her own personal note at the top:
  • "where’s my order? did you ship it yet? why do you guys take forever.”
  • I would love to respond with:
  • Dear Bimbo
  • Do me a favor and scroll the f$ck down!
  • Sincerely,
  • Customer Service